Monday, February 11, 2013

Nine Catastrophes Worse Than Snow: Why Snow Isn't Always Bad

Over the past 10 days I've acknowledged the negative aspects of snow but also offered up nine catastrophes that are worse than any blizzard.  I feel that to really bring home the point that snow shouldn't automatically rule out the Finger Lakes as a fabulous place to spend the winter, I need to point out some of the great things about living where it snows regularly:

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Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to spend your winter days, especially when wakeboarding and waterskiing are a little out of season.

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When you're used to spending your summer days exploring the Finger Lakes on a jetski, snowmobiling is a fabulous winter equivalent.  New York has dedicated trails for snowmobiles, and you'll have the ability to ride to some gorgeous views that you can't access by car.

Pretty birds tend to come to your feeders more in the winter, when food sources are scarce.  If you're a bird watcher, snow gives you a nice backdrop for some great birdie photo ops.

Lastly, snow is just pretty.  In winter, when grass turns a dull brown and the trees are bare, snow is like icing.  Christmas decorations are lovely when the lights are shining and sparkling in the snow.

I know snow can be a bit of a pain sometimes, and it does have the potential to be dangerous if you have a reckless personality.  But changing seasons ensures that we never get bored with the scenery.  And if Henry Doodlebug doesn't let the snow keep him from the great outdoors, you shouldn't let it keep you from the Finger Lakes in winter!

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